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Many Copies. Zero Rivals

We believe that people need to relate with plants in order to create healthy communities. Our mission is to produce new technologies for growing plants and educate the world on how to restore sustainable growing practices.

+Full Feature List

  • Cloning Sites – 459 Total Cuttings
  • Total Power Consumption – 5.1 Amps / 612 Watts
  • Physical Dimensions – L 50”x D 30”x H 78” Powder Coated Steel
  • Frame (designed to roll through any standard size door).
  • System utilizes less than 10 Square Feet of space.
  • Heavy duty Roller Castors for easy mobility. Each shelf is built with it’s own Sliding Drawer that opens for simple access to cuttings.
  • Single Watertight Electrical Box houses all components in one location.
  • Uses only 1 Standard 120V Electrical Cord.
  • Custom 19 Gallon Reservoir with Moulded Handles. Includes drains on the long and short side of reservoir.
  • 30 Micron Water Filter, easily changed by hand.
  • Outboard Water Pump has individual Motor and Pump Head.
  • Motor uses 4.2 Amps / 500 Watts. Comes set from factory at 75 PSI.
  • High Pressure Tubing is routed snuggly and safely inside the Frame Rails. All fittings are leakproof Quick Disconnects.
  • Custom Fogger Heads from Senninger are secured to the bottom of each Catch Tray, producing a 65 Micron Droplet at 75 PSI. Foggers are simple to disassemble for inspection and cleaning needs.
  • System is fully fitted with Light Reflectors, each containing two T5 Bulbs, individually producing 21 Watts & 6500 Kelvin.
  • Each light has its own On/Off Switch.
  • Frame houses two Timers, one for the Water Pump, to customize your Aeroponic On/Off Cycle, and the other to control your Lighting Cycle (Pump timer is set from factory at 1 min on / 4 min off).
  • Total system power consumption for a 1 min on / 4 min off cycle time
  • (4.8 hours per day @ 5.1 amp – 612 watts) based on a .20c per
  • Kw/Hr rate, the daily use costs estimate is $1/day.
  • System omits 2,088 BTU/HR based on factory settings & recommended use. 369 BTU/HR omitted using only lights.

The EZ-CLONE Commercial Pro System features the newest innovation in precision aeroponic propagation designed for full-time, year-round production of cuttings.

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